The Future Renewable Electric Energy Delivery Management (FREEDM) system center, a National Science Foundation (NSF) engineering resource center located at NC State University, includes a green energy hub comprised of electronic protection, energy management, metering, advance energy storage (AES), bidirectional electric vehicle charging station, Real-time Digital Simulation (local and remote), and various distributed energy resource devices.

The GreenBus® platform is used as the Distributed Energy Control System (DECS) for the FREEDM System Center’s Green Energy Hub (1MW Microgrid). In addition to providing the DECS software platform for the Green Energy Hub, GEC also is supporting the Communication Infrastructure phase of the Green Energy Hub project. This phase consisted of designing, developing, and supporting the ongoing enhancement of the communications and control infrastructure required to integrate, monitor and control various power system devices as they are brought online as part of the FREEDM System Center Green Energy Hub. These devices include:

  • FREEDM System Center Lab equipment (i.e. RTDS, Relays, Meters, etc)
  • FREEDM-developed solid state power system devices (i.e. SST, IFM, IEM ARM boards)
  • Internal (on campus) Distributed Renewable Energy Resource (DRER) interfaces.














This system demonstrates GEC’s ability to design, develop, integrate, and test communication and control system hardware and software applications. GEC’s GreenBus® microgrid solution implementation enables accurate, accessible and reliable measurements for energy management, control, and quality performance analysis and evaluation. GreenBus provides the required interoperability, scalability, and development tools for demonstrating, testing, and evaluating continuously evolving FREEDM developed power electronics, energy storage systems, distributed intelligence, and advanced power applications.