Green Energy Corp merges with Horizon Energy Group

Raleigh, North Carolina - April 4, 2013: Green Energy Corp is pleased to announce its merger with Horizon Energy Group and its sister company Horizon Microgrid Solutions (together Horizon). The transaction closed on March 8, 2013. The merged companies will operate as Green Energy Corp with headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina. This merger bolsters Green Energy Corp’s position in the rapidly growing microgrid marketplace as Horizon has established itself as a preeminent developer of microgrid solutions. The combined company has the capability to design, build and operate microgrids of any size that provide our customers with sustainable locally produced power. The company is currently engaged in the design, development, and operation of microgrids with utilities, university campuses, commercial and industrial customers and multi-family housing developments.

Microgrids are small-scale power production and delivery systems comprised of distributed generation facilities co-located with the loads they serve. Microgrids incorporate multiple types of energy generation, storage and loads, allowing for high utilization of renewable energy resources, thereby creating economic and environmental benefits to its customers. Microgrids are able to be connected to the Utility grid to purchase power from the grid or sell power back to the grid as conditions dictate. Microgrids can be designed to operate “islanded” when the Utility grid is not available, continuing to provide sustainable power to its local customer base, as observed in the Northeast during Hurricane Sandy.

Green Energy Corp has established an “enterprise platform” to package complete solutions for sustainable management of power, water and agriculture. A key element of our strategy is full-service implementation of microgrids. In addition to building and operating microgrids for our electricity customers, we offer toolsets that enable third party developers to create premier microgrid solutions. Our flagship product, GreenBus®, provides the platform to deliver Microgrids as a Service (MaaS) to the marketplace.

“The combination of Horizon’s expertise in microgrids, the GreenBus® and the enterprise platform enables us to take a lead position in one of the hottest markets today. We are now able to create world-class microgrid solutions optimized to customer specific needs,” stated Peter Gregory, Founder and Chairman of Green Energy Corp.

“In 2010 and 2011 we conducted an extensive analysis for best-in-class software to monitor and control our microgrids. We selected the GreenBus® because of its open source approach, scalability, cloud-based architecture and the experience of the Green Energy Corp team in delivering software to the utility industry,” said Steve Pullins, Founder and CEO of Horizon Energy Group.

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